Monday, April 29, 2013

those summer nights...

Nothing too much has happened these past two weeks to be honest just a couple things here and there.

I was in good ol' poky for a friends baby shower! She is having a little boy. Couldn't be more happier for her and her hubs. They are wonderful people who will dominate parenting. There kid is going to amount to great things because he will have so many opportunities!
{you know who you are :)}

The shower was seriously a blast. We had a waffle bar which was way delicious and I got to visit with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile.

This was just the start to all the friends/family I have that are expecting this summer. I wish I had pictures of the above shower because come September I will have a photo album of my baby shower adventures. So excited for them all!

It has been great weather lately too and I am loving the idea of being outside. 
{Especially with the babe}

Hopefully we can scratch off some things off our 


1. Go swimming with the babe of course
2. Have picnics at the park around the corner at least once every other week
3. Go to Zion National Park {love it there}
4. Make it to Arizona to see Ryan's Grandparents
5. Plan a swimming/ice cream party - i just really like parties lately
6. Meet all my friends new babies 

This is short compared to what we have planned but thankfully I will have lots to write about.
I am pretty excited haha.

Thought I would close with something random and fun. I will do this every blog here and there. 
I have been getting back into my music obsession lately and I want to share my favorites. Depending on how I feel at the time or just whats on my mind. whatever pretty much. I love variety so usually my playlists won't sound the same the whole way through. I am a person of change. 


List #1: 
Broadway Baby
{Disclaimer: There is obviously lots of good ones. 
Don't worry I will make more lists}

A: All I Ask of You
{Phantom of the Opera} 

B:Be Our Guest
{Beauty and the Beast}

C:Cell Block Tango

D:Don't Rain On My Parade
{Funny Girl}

{Sound of Music}


G:Goin Back to Hogwarts
{A Very Potter Musical}


I:I Dreamed A Dream
{Les Miserables}

J:Jolly Holiday
{Mary Poppins}

K:King of New York

L:Luck Be A Lady
{Guys and Dolls}

{Fiddler On the Roof}

N:No Business Like Show Business
{Annie Get Your Gun}

O:Over the Rainbow
{Wizard of Oz}


{West Side Story}

{Every musical has one}

S:Seventy-Six Trombones
{The Music Man}


U:Under the Sea
{Little Mermaid}

{Mamma Mia}

W:We're In the Money
{42nd Street}

{Xanadu-never seen it}

Y:You Can't Stop the Beat

Z:Zip A Dee Doo Dah
{Song of the South: Not on broadway can't 
find a song that starts with z haha}

Friday, April 12, 2013

pictures of you...


We are so lucky to have talented people in our family who take pictures! My mom {Pam} has been taking them for quite sometime now since I was little. She doesn't do it as much anymore.

that is 'A' okay because Karly {Ryan's sister} takes them. She started a couple years ago and has improved from when she first started. Her cliental is huge and everyone loves her pictures. 

Her business is called:
{Check it Out^^^^}

Anyways, we always get to be her photo dummies and I LOVE it. Especially since we have Blaire now. Makes my life easier. 


We just got done with a photo shoot from her.
Here are a couple of my favorites: 

I think we could all agree that my little b is...

{Thanks to Karly of course for her photo button pushing skills :)} 

It is fun being able to capture moments like this with my family. Especially with Blaire changing so much isn't it crazy she use to look like this: 

Ryan and I are so lucky to have her

{sorry not sorry}

More pics to come of course, hopefully sooner than later.

With much love,


{I wrote a main blog page of what has been going on the past month of March. This post is 5 of 6 that I have written. I have posted this link as an easier way to find them. Enjoy!}  

a very unhappy birthday...


The only reason why I say it's unhappy is because it wasn't my birthday haha. I LOVE BIRTHDAY'S.

It was Ryan's sister Katee {18} and brother Koy's {15} birthday weekend celebration you could say. 

On Friday there was dinner at their mom's house with everyone except Glen and Hailey {They live in Logan!} Anyways, Renae, made wings! And there was also cute decor so of course I had to take some pics. It was red and black, kind of had to do a unisex color theme haha.

We all just hung out the rest of the night. It was fun to relax and chit chat it up.

{guess I thought the decorations were more important than the people there. haha don't have any pics with peeps}


The next day Gary and Lori came to town with Lori's kids {tasha, brekell, lavender--okay okay his name is laven but we call him that}.

We all ate at Pizza Hut and then went bowling. It was really fun. Even more eventful because Wade finally beat Karly haha. I guess she has always beat him at bowling no matter what.




Afterwards we hung out at our house and watched youtube videos haha. Always the best of course. 


Another reason we were all together on Sunday was because Katee had a piano solo in sacrament meeting. It was so good! 

I felt bad because she was so nervous before. I saw her pray a lot haha. Anyways, she did a great job. I am glad that she knows how to play because a lot of people don't anymore surprisingly. 
I am always touched by music on the spiritual side. If I put my emotions where they should be it strengthens my testimony of talents the Lord has given us. He knows us so well. 

Music is a gift and I appreciate those who share it. It is truly a way to stay close to the spirit. 

{I wasn't bawling haha I teared up}

Later, everyone came back to our house again and we had a yummy dinner! Chicken, potatoes, salad, etc. 

It was a very much needed weekend. 

And I am very thankful for Katee and Koy! 

They are some of the best kids around for reals. 
They are always willing to serve and do anything for you. It has been fun seeing them change and grow into people you admire. 

Love you guys. 
{THE BIRTHDAY KIDS-pardon my looks} 
Happy Birfday

With much love,


{I wrote a main blog page of what has been going on the past month of March. This post is 2 of 6 that I have written. I have posted this link as an easier way to find them. Enjoy!}

he is risen...

Easter. Enlightened. Essential.

Easter for me usually involves egg picking/finding with family. This year I didn't even get to do that or dye eggs. Which is fine but it does add some fun for random festivities. 

My mom {Sherri} went to Vegas this past weekend and had has watch her car. We picked her up on Sunday and had a yummy Easter dinner! It was nice having her here since she hasn't seen Baby B in so long.

She actually told us she went to "Walk With Christ" before Vegas and really liked it. It is in Pocatello. They do it every year around Easter and it's just about Christs' last week before he died. Pretty neat experience for her to have. We were happy she enjoyed it. 

I also enjoyed Easter a lot more this year because I realized how important to me it actually is. Enlightened you could say. 

I have always had a testimony of Christ but I hadn't realized how much it has changed.

I remember when I knew I had my own testimony. It was before I went through the temple. I was in my interview with the stake president{Henry J. Eyring-seriously looks exactly like his dad haha mind boggling}and we had some small talk but then he just simply asked me:
"tell me your testimony of Jesus Christ"

I never had been asked that question in that form. I don't know why it took me off guard but it did. I paused and new exactly what I wanted to say and I did because of what I felt. 

I just told him I know my Savior loves me. Heavenly Fathers sacrifice and plan for us to have a Savior is hard to understand but I know it is essential. Both of their love for everyone, including me, is unconditional. 

Overtime, the above is what I knew but over the past 3 years I have come to know more of why I have that testimony and why I need it.

The gift of the Atonement is used in many different ways for everyone. That word, Atonement, was always strange before I knew what it meant to me in that interview with President Eyring. I didn't know how to 'use' it or live it. It wasn't until after I had Blaire that I knew what that kind of love meant. {still not as much but a touch of that sacrifice Heavenly Father made for his Son}

To have something you created in your hands for the first time is indescribable. You don't know that love until you experience it.
Before Blaire was born I started reading my scriptures and praying more regularly and after. I became closer to the spirit because I realized what my priorities were and should be. {still working on that}

I prayed for patience, to be calm, knowing how to love Blaire unconditionally as He does for us, and more. I felt the spirit in a new way and I don't want that to change.

I am truly thankful for a giving Savior. He is someone who knows me and the only person who knows how I feel at all times. He lives and is a cause for me to overcome my death. If I don't cherish that gift he has given us, which is life itself, I will have lost what it truly means to love. Forgiveness, repentance, and adjusting my life to be as He is is essential and a true reminder of why we celebrate Easter. 

I know He died for me and I know I can feel His love at all times. I am never forgotten. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

{I am excited to see where my testimony grows in the next few years to find what more I have learned. We all struggle and find our testimony in our time. Don't hesitate to know little by little what his gift can enlighten for you. I am saying this because I did miss out on a lot and can't have that time back. However, no regrets. Again, don't wait it's not worth it.}

With much love,


{I wrote a main blog page of what has been going on the past month of March. This post is 4 of 6 that I have written. I have posted this link as an easier way to find them. Enjoy!} 

hit the road jack...


Ryan and I love taking road trips. I think it is mostly because we like to take random pictures in the car.
{Keep in mind our radio is broken-thanks sweetie-so we use our phones haha} 

Our destination was Kennewick, Washington to visit my family! We hardly ever get to see them and they asked us to come up. 

{Boise Temple is the half way point-kind of}

The drive actually is about 9 hours but it actually goes by fast. It was our first road trip with the babe as well. She slept most of the way until the last 2 hours. She was fussy because or her teeth and the rain was CRAZY loud and CRAZY scary; couldn't see anything.

BUT...we made it!
{Always think of the death star when I see this}
{Beautiful Blue Mountain trees}  
{Kind of ugly looking but its the 
view from the bridge}

My brother Brandon is taller than me and he is 9 years younger than me. All the ladies love him haha. Ryan {the second oldest} got to tell me about his wrestling and other adventures. Chloe my little sister is so funny. I need to record everything she says in a notebook. 

It was also conference weekend so we got to spend a lot of time together. Watching all the sessions and just chilling at the house chit chatting it up was a perfect and relaxing weekend. 

Ryan and I have been trying to focus on things to do in the home on how to raise our children the best way possible. We prepared differently for this conference than we have before and it seriously is amazing how much you learn.

We both felt like this conference was just for us haha. Every talk seemed to be about family and how to keep peace in the home it was great. 

My favorite talk from the whole weekend was from Elder Jeffery R. Holland and Elaine S. Dalton's

They both just opened my eyes and answered questions I needed to hear. 

Ryan and I always look forward to conference and this time was again a success! :) 

Back to my Fam:

We got to take some family pictures yeah! They were much needed. 
There was an orchard of blossoms {didn't know that even existed}. So pretty! Downside was the wind it was out of control. But we had fun with it haha.

 Here are a couple from that photo shoot: 
{Ryan, Blaire, Me, Chloe, Mom, Dad, Brandon, Ryan}

I will make sure to post more when I get them!





We both loved it. Laughed and then decided to sing everything we did the rest of the vacation. 
That consisted of 3 days haha. We could watch it again and again.

Anne Hathaway definately defineately definetely definitely deserved that Oscar. {still can't spell that bloody word}

All in all the trip was a success and it was well worth it. I am thankful for my family and all they have done for us especially this past year and helping us out with some baby needs. 

{Got my nails done of course 
by the fabulous mother}
{They couldn't get enough of Blaire} 
{Isn't he cute!? Love my dad!}
I won't ever deny that if it wasn't for my dad taking me to church when I was so little I wouldn't have my testimony today. Those little things do matter and I am grateful for him and his choices. 

Wish I could see them all more but its okay. When we do we make it worth it!

love you pecks!-see you soon

With much love,


{I wrote a main blog page of what has been going on the past month of March. This post is 6 of 6 that I have written. I have posted this link as an easier way to find them. Enjoy!}

there's no place like home...


It honestly feels good to be in a place where we feel comfortable. 
We finally have a place to call home again after living at Ryan's Stepfathers house. 

It was nice but really it is much easier living in your own life if you know what I mean.

We moved from across town. You can catch-up about the move here.
 We have realized more blessings since we moved such as our finances. Being poor is something everyone should experience because you learn a lot about yourself and your priorities.  

I've might of explained this before but it's hard saying no to a family/friend activity because you don't have any extra money. Or feeling like a pity party. haha 

Sometimes we have to make decisions that others might not realize why. I am constantly having to step back and understand I might not be seeing the whole picture sometimes. 

All in all, the above and other reasons showed that we needed a change and this move was our answer. 


We are happy where we are of course, no complaining! 

We live closer to more family {the leavitts-love these kids}, it's fun to decorate haha, Ryan is only 5 minutes away from work and not 20, we have an extra room, there is more space, we are out of debt {hooray!}, and we like our new ward, lots to be thankful for. 

I love having people over too. In our apartment before I felt like there was no room for people to visit and hang out. It seems more open where we are at, not gonna lie I like my space haha. 

Anyways, hopefully we will be here for at least a year. I don't want to move again until it's...

{somewhat} Permanent. 

Ryan and I are always saving for a future place to call home permanent.

Home to us is:

A place where the spirit is welcome
A place where others know what we believe and do is a high priority
A place where anyone and everyone is welcome
A place to feel peace

Of course we can and will carry these things wherever we go but finally feeling established in all areas of our life will be a neat accomplishment to see. {especially how big our family will be-I was an only child for sometime and it wasn't fun at times. I want my kids to have friendships within the home and not only with their stuffed animals. haha.} 

I am thankful for the blessings we have now. It truly is the little things that matter. If we do end up living here the rest of our life I am pretty sure I will still feel accomplished :)

With much love,


{I wrote a main blog page of what has been going on the past month of March. This post is 1 of 6 that I have written. I have posted this link as an easier way to find them. Enjoy!}


Women. We are AWESOME. 
DO NOT let anyone tell you different. 
{boys you are great too, but this is going to be about us ladies}

The only reason why I got to go was because of my mom Pam {stepmom so you don't get confused haha but I call her mom too}. 
She bought me a ticket and was able to come down from Washington. Her sisters and mom came too. It was fun to be with them and share this experience.

Inspiration. Idol. Influential. 

Have you ever heard of Time Out For Women {TOFW}? Talk about inspiration! 

I have but didn't know how neat it actually was. It is very similar to EFY or Youth Conference where they bring speakers to teach for the weekend.

These speakers are well known, but sometimes not! Mainly they have had experiences they are willing to share and testimonies to help us women realize how important we are.

They have a theme every year and this year it was:

{The twins and me and the Pammy 
not Beth haha don't get confused} 
{Me and beth and the line to 
the bathroom--women} can you become higher in a sense of overcoming your own battles/trials? It was cool how all the speakers used this to speak to us in a positive way to help us realize our potential/strengths/weaknesses

On Friday night a man, James L. Ferrell, spoke. He wrote:

Anyways he was one of my favorites out of the whole weekend. 
He actually talked about his new book {Falling Up-which is what I linked about above in his name}. 

It mainly talks about how we need trials in our life to come closer to Christ. I ending up buying the book haha. I will post about that in a couple months :) 

TOFW never goes wrong without musical guests.
The infamous Michael McClean {FORGOTTEN CAROLS CREATOR} had a presentation about clothes. haha yes clothes. Anyways he talked about what kind of woman we should be. Also what type of "wardrobe" we should be wearing. 

What type of 'threads' are in your closet? 

The next day, Saturday, there were 6 more speakers. And Hilary Weeks was the musical guest. 

Hilary had a great story about clicks.
What is clicks you ask? haha well she recorded a week of all her negative thoughts. She did this by a clicker device. Then she compared that to a week of recording clicks for all her positive thoughts. 

She ended up having way more positive than negative thoughts

Long story short: 
We choose to be happy and it is possible to overcome that. Do you have too many negative clicks in your life? 

My favorite was by Mariama Kallon. 

I was touched by her strength and willingness to carry on with all that she had been through. It made me reflect on my life and how lucky I am to be where I am. Being here in the United States, being in a place where I am loved with friends and family close, etc. 

I also realized how the Lord truly loves all of us know matter our circumstance.
As women we need to know we are loved no matter what we are going through. There are many circumstances where we are affected in negative ways because of others or by the choices we make. 

All I know is that everyone needs to know and feel the love their Heavenly Father has for them. It makes me so sad that there are those who don't know that. Mariama is someone who knows it and I admire her greatly. She is one of my idols! :) 

All in all this TOFW stuff is great. I will never NOT go again!
{TOP LEFT:James signed my book he wrote haha.
TOP RIGHT: My idol Mariama.
BOTTOM LEFT: Michael McClean himself.
BOTTOM RIGHT: James L. Ferrell the master of words!}
{Love these cuties}
I can't wait until next year and learn more about myself that I didn't realize needed a change. It was influential for me in so many ways I won't forget it.  

I do have a testimony of my Savior and I know he loves me. I am thankful to live a life where I can learn how to be close to him at all times. The scriptures testify of his truth, especially the Book of Mormon. No matter what, I will never deny the light that book holds. It is another testament of Christ and teaches us how to be a true disciple. I know my Father lives and I am forever changed because of His Son and His gospel. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

With much love,


{I wrote a main blog page of what has been going on the past month of March. This post is 3 of 6 that I have written. I have posted this link as an easier way to find them. Enjoy!}