Sunday, November 16, 2014

personal inventory...

I like to think of taking stock as an inventory of my life. Haven't taken inventory for sometime and it sounded like fun haha. 


Making: Well didn't make much today, but on Friday I made homemade brownies. Delicious.

Cooking: I usually like cooking but today I just don't like it.

Drinking: Water with ice! Just the best.

Reading: I have been trying to finish a book for like a month and I don't make time for it. It is "The Death Cure" the last book in the Maze Runner series. I can do it! :)

Watching: Not the Broncos, they lost today :( But Breaking Bad is pretty legit.

Wanting: Thanksgiving to be here! Excited to see all Ryan's family! 

Looking: For a play kitchen for Blaire, and a new bedroom comforter set/pillows/etc. 

Playing: Nothing? BUT I went to this legit dance party and they gave all guests a game and I chose Battleship. haha

Wasting: HOLY GARBAGE! After two kids garbage seems to pile so much more. Or we are eating more? haha One of the two. 

Sewing: My grandma is giving me her serger. Life = COMPLETE 

Wishing: The dealership lights behind our apartment would shut off! They are on all night and shine through our windows like the sun is 5 feet away. Kind of bugging. 

Enjoying: My two littles! They make Ryan and I laugh 24/7 and we are so grateful to have them. We are learning a lot about love from them.  

Waiting: For me to stop worrying so much about things. You know when you have those days where your mind is going a mile a minute trying to figure out this and that? Seriously, makes me exhausted! Yesterday was one of those days. 

Liking: The fact that I don't care what people think anymore like I used to 5 plus years ago, haha seriously. It is a great feeling.

Wondering: (maybe calculating) When I need to feed Brooks again. 
He is always hungry, every two and a half hours on the dot! haha It is nice, but not at night when we should be sleeping, silly babe. 

Loving: My business! It is still slow moving, simple, but it is mine! I enjoy doing it! 

Hoping: My headache goes away :/ Never had headaches until I got my IUD in haha so WEIRD! 

Marveling: At our beautiful view! The mountains are gorgeous in Utah! And so close to us! Heavenly Father sure knows beauty! :) 

Needing: A new wardrobe. Who wants to go shopping? (#stillhavepregofat #clothesdontfit #outofstyle #needsomemoredough #wishiwasamasterclothesmaker)

Smelling: Winter, you know that cold brisk type smell? haha (oh and brooks just pooped).

Wearing: Comfy plaid sweats, white V-neck and an orange jacket - love my comfy Sundays.

Following: Too many things on Instagram. I went and cleaned it all up, following businesses that I don't even like, etc. Mainly because I would follow them\from a previous giveaway and never look at their stuff again. It feels good to get rid of them haha in a good way!

Noticing: How fast time is going. There are such fun moments with our little babes! But the more they get older, the more fun moments we have. I know we will blink and our kids will have kids! 
I love it!

Knowing: That there is hope in the Savior and His atonement helps.

Thinking: How I have a happy life :)

Feeling: Full from lunch!

Bookmarking: Ways to help Blaire and her speech, new places to live, and how to sew certain things that I struggle with.

Opening: My mouth because I am yawning. 

Giggling: At the kids answers in primary today, my kids facial expressions, my husbands silly jokes haha. 

Feeling: Thankful! There is good in the world and I get to have a part of it everyday! :) 

Much Love,


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Yikes. I totally lied. Apologies! 

I said I would be returning more often (in my mind I was thinking once a week) but it has been about 3 1/2 weeks). Life of a mother is taking over, but I couldn't be more happier about it! :) 

I was folding clothes tonight and I couldn't stop smiling because I love the craziness my two littles bring me. Ryan and I are constantly laughing/gushing about the things they do. We truly are pursuing happiness and it is great, bumps and all! 

Let me just catch you up on little things here and there that have been occurring in the Bennion home:

{Blaire's Birthday}

Our baby turned 2! She had such a fun day too. We went to wiggle worms in the morning and got a yummy cupcake after with a friend at the sweet tooth fairy!

(Blaire and her buddy Packer!) 

Later she opened some presents and we waited for Ryan to get home. Her favorite gift was probably her magna doodle. I shouldn't have let her open that first haha. 

That night, we went to City Creek and met up with Ryan's sister Danielle, and her hubby Tyler and their little girl Ellie. We just ate there and then let the kiddos run around in the play area while the adults could chit chat!  

(Cousin Ellie and Blaire! All she did was poke her cake.)
(Aunt Dani and baby Brooks!)
It was a simple day but a fun one. I cherish these memories we have with her. She is only this little once. I love how curious, adventurous, and spontaneous she is. At her check-up her head was in the 99% range. haha as always. She is healthy and more active than ever. She talks and phrases some words together but not too much. If it doesn't improve she may have to start doing some simple speech therapy. We read a lot to her, practice our words, colors, numbers, etc. every day. I think as long as I know we are doing what we can that's what matters. A little extra help doesn't hurt! I am thankful each day that I get to spend the time I do with her. We have become such good friends. Especially since I cut her TV time in half to only an hour but it is amazing how much that has changed things! She is more obedient and willing to do more things with me. Her happy attitude makes my days so much better. And she is so sweet to Brooks! She kisses his little head any chance she gets! 

We love you Blaire Quinn and can't wait to 
see where year 3 takes us! 

{Halloween: LEGIT}

I have a hubby who loves to dress up just as much as me! :) We try to do a theme each year, last year we were "Where's Waldo" and this year we did a "Wizard of Oz" theme. Mainly because Ryan wanted to be a monkey haha. He had the whole costume head to toe (we have never spent so much on a Halloween costume before: those prices are a little ridiculous). He road his bike to work in the costume as well that day, proud moment for him haha.

(Trunk or Treat!)

 I was the wicked witch (yes painted my face green), Blaire was cute little Dorothy, and Brooks was her little cowardly lion. It was such a beautiful night too! We went to my aunt's neighborhood which was perfect. Blaire was so excited Trick-or-Treating. She would start shaking and not know what to do; smiling ear to ear! Of course she wouldn't say thank you because of how excited and anxious she was. She would keep grabbing all the candy she could until the person would take the candy bowl back too. There was even a house that had a whole scone station in their garage; it was delicious and a fun night. My mom was able to come that night too and take Blaire the next day for us. It was a fun Halloween this year and glad we got to make the best out of it :)


My cousin Chandler plays hockey for Utah State and we get to see him play randomly! Halloween weekend he played at the U. Just a fun reason to get anyone together! Go Aggies! 

(The sisters are grandmas!)
(Mom's with their babies and their babies, babies!) 
(Chels had fun with my phone.)
(Baby Brooks and Cousin Trey!)
Well until next time! And lets hope it isn't 3 plus weeks later. We have a lot coming up with the holiday season so I will have more things to splurge about soon. 

Much Love,


{PS: I have written about Brooks Blessing because I don't have the pictures yet. Ryan got a new phone and getting the pictures off of his old phone hasn't been a priority of late. I will hopefully get on that soon! :)}