Tuesday, August 20, 2013

just another day...right?

Change is something that can scare you and hold you back. 

Change is also something to help you grow and become someone you never thought possible.

Ryan and I are heading the that "never thought possible direction" which is actually scary haha. I can't talk about it now but I will in the upcoming weeks.

ONE thing I can talk about however. 

For the next three days 
I am selling my two of my prints on
{It is a site that allows vendors to sell their items, similar to 

They liked what I created and wanted me to be available to sell both.
{What their liking was: 
"Always Look on the Bright Side" 
and "Whats In A Name"}

 Makes me nervous haha and scares me. However, I have experienced a change. Actually doing what I love, other people love. I don't know if it is more of a shock? Or a, "wow, haha I am talented in a different way compared to other people". 

In my opinion, people today are all shooting for the same thing
"to be different". Some either:

1. Try too hard to be liked
2. Try too hard to be like someone else
3. Don't try enough

4. Try it just right. It only works if you trust yourself, take positive criticism well. And not care what anyone else thinks or says that's negative. 

As I mentioned in my last post, it is hard putting your self out there and becoming 

to the rest of the world.

BUT it doesn't hurt to just try.
I did. And it's been great. 
Successful as Martha Stewart or not, at least I know I tried. 

Everyone involved with creating anything should try and take an opportunity such as this.

I have had to remember these 3 things

1. Don't worry too much. 
2. Have faith in yourself, and take pride in what you do.
3. Whats the worse they can

Even if you don't appeal to my design taste, these sites are fun to search and are really steal of a deals. They have items that fit to a range of styles. 

I will tell more about this experience next week so...stay tuned.

if you want? 

Much love,


Friday, August 2, 2013

wait i won?...

This post is dedicated to the beautiful

and talented

They are actually both very cute ADORABLE and very talented at what they do.

{Jody: Fashion blogger and freaking amazing at it check out her stuff-she has her own business as well...look look ^^^^!}
{Kate: She owns her own business making wire wraps, kid shoes, bows, etc.
Check her out too, K?^^^^}

How did I meet these ladies? Well this is how it went...

1. I was on instagram and found a giveaway. Never have I ever done one from instagram before. Saw one someone reposted from Jody. She was giving away a cute headband IVORY KATE {which is Kate's business, and actually named a headband after Jody that's why she was doing a giveaway from her blog--that info is all RIGHT HERE.

2. Did all the steps and what not and waited. I CHECKED when the winner would be posted and it was ME! WHAT THE... NEVER won anything before this way. SO EXCITED. 

{winner winner chicken dinner}

3. All I had to do was wait for it in the mail. Giveaways are great. haha and it CAME! :) Isn't it lovely? :)

{gotta do the side view} 
{oh snap blue steel}
{oh my love it haha}

{seriously wheres karly when i need her.
not a pro at taking pics and my hair is having issues}

{oh well the beatles like it}

{guess  im just lucky haha}
4. I guess I never physically met Jody, but I do admire her talent and motivation to do what she loves. We need more women like that! :) And I have to give her credit for introducing me to those headbands from Ivory Kate. Ever since then I am a fan. 

5. Kate has family from Idaho Falls and is actually from here, I think? haha Anyways, she was visiting family and brought all those goodies from her shop with her. Of course I had to get some! And then of course friends needed some too so I got to buy lots haha. 
And come to find out she knew one of my friends. Dang. Small world. 
Should have gotten a picture with her because...

6. Oh I happened to leave my wallet where she was at. Seriously, so it took her awhile to get a hold of me since she didn't have my number. Had to meet Kate at Winco haha and get the wallet. Typical me. 
{SIDE NOTE: How nice of her to track me down right? :)}

It is kind of crazy how you meet new people and learn about their life and what they do in a random way. I have never been the "follow a blog, meet them" type of person. SHOCKER-- it kind of makes me nervous to do stuff like that. However, if you know me all to well I am fine in person meeting people for the first time. Maybe I am just more intimidated by these wonderful ladies. 

I guess you could say I stepped out of my shell. 

1 point Jordan
1,000,000 points world. 

It was worth it though. :) 

Thanks for the inspiration to do what I love Jody and Kate! You are great examples for many women in this world. Keep up the good work! :) 

I best be meeting more people like you. 

Much love,


a little thing called a family reunion...

Summer isn't the same with a family reunion.
Am I right?
Am I right?

I think I am. Reason being because I love my family. Especially the Olsen's! The reunion was in Hyrum, Utah- about 5-10 minutes outside of logan. We are a wild but fun and loving bunch. This reunion was really cool because its the first time in awhile forever my grandma and all her siblings were together. They are all living, except the youngest shirley. 
{She was 16 years old and passed away of a blood disease.}

I love having these people in my life. They are amazing role models to me! They of an older generation but still are alive and well and healthy. They grew up in Emery, Utah. Learned how to work at an early age and still continue to do that today. 

SIDE NOTE: Pretty much related to that whole town. 

My uncle Bruce built a huge western town in his backyard. It has taken him about 2 years and he still won't stop-which is AWESOME. He has put a lot of time and effort to build this for family, friends, and anyone who wants to use it. Very creative and great place for everyone to get together.

The reunion started with some smores and ice cream {ry, the babe, and I missed it because we were getting ice cream with glen and hailey!} 

We still got there at a decent time and chatted for awhile of course and said all our hellos--then went to bed cause we had a busy day the next day. 

Is a special day...we ran a 5k! --no we did not plan the colors.
{Before the start--7:00am, ish.} 
{Kathy is PUMPED}
{Me and the babe haha--last place}
{Everyone--we made it!}
{Had to get one of all of us of course} 
Our whole family {give or take a few :)} ran and ran it seemed like. We started off and me being in last place had the babe and the stroller. MAN that was tough. It was windy and the stroller was pushing me and ya haha I was in last place for a wee bit longer than I wanted. 

HOWEVER... I did run the whole time just had some extra weight with me {which was fun}. Baby Blaire loved it, then she fell asleep haha. 

My sweetheart of a husband finished before me {as did everyone else} and came to rescue me. He let me run the rest of the way and he pushed the baby back. {he is always doing the nicest things for me!} 

The rest of the day we all just hung out and talked in the STEAMING hot weather. Literally, it was very high humidity and about 100 degrees outside. But we all endured and looked at old pictures {not to mention a picture of my mom and dad for their wedding announcement--not normal haha}. Funny to
 see how everyone dressed and looked.

{Ry and the Babe} 
{Bruce and Judy Ann} 

{Aunt Sheila!}
{Bruce telling a story haha}
{Baby being her usual self}

{all those picture books} 

{Cecil telling a story} 
{Oh the memory sharing...}

{Sisters hard at work...haha}

{Chels the master artist making her bracelt!}


{They loved this swing haha}
{See? :)--Cecil, Grandpa Brent, and Dave}
{Kathy and Connie}
{The master Chef of Dutch Oven HIMSELF!}

{Dinner time!}

Later that night we had a talent show/program. It was hilarious of course. The Olsen's can't do anything without laughing. Love it.
{Michelle playing her heart out}

{My awesome Grandpa telling a poem :) my favorite!}

{The Jokester :)}

{Me and my gramps}

{Uncle Bruce}

{Connie, Uncle Bruce, and Kathy singing away}

{Stacy and the babe}

THEN came time for the family picture. OH BOY. Talk about everyone wanting to NOT take the picture, wanting to go home, kids were screaming...but we did it! haha
{really though haha. no one wanted to.}

{Scrambling haha}

{Everyone wanted to take one though!}
{The Olsen Siblings, Cecil, Bruce, Ada, Grandma Karen, and Sheila}

{Their spouses}

{The children}

{The grandkids and chels and grandma}

{Chels, Gramps and I}

I mean how can we not take a picture, this was a moment in time that may not ever happen again. 

Man these are tough.

Sunday came around and we had a yummy dutch oven breakfast. Can I just tell you how amazing FANTABULOUS the food was the whole weekend. I could have just taken pictures of that. Anyways back to the goodbye part.
{grandma sherri and baby}

{All telling their stories}
Everyone was sitting around and my grandma and her siblings started telling stories of their childhood. Uncle bruce blowing up things with dynamite, people trying to blow them up, kids got away with a lot back then haha.  Then everyone decided it was time to go. 

We said a family prayer and everyone was off on their way. It was really neat {this will sound cliche} but there was so much love there. The spirit was strong and very heartfelt. These people and their actions are made me where I am today with the gospel, and more. It was a reminder that family truly is the most important thing we have to hold onto. Ryan and I want that for our family. Being able to be together no matter what anyones circumstance is. Also helped us realize how important the temple is and both on earth and for our ancestors. We can do so much for our family by doing the simplest things. 

I love all these people and wouldn't trade anything to have them in my life. 

Love you guys!