Thursday, June 26, 2014

so it begins...

Summer is finally here, shout praises! 
We have had so many adventures already and there is still 
much more to come! :) 

Let us begin with:

Adventure #1
{Memorial Day}

I didn't document much, but Ryan's little brother Koy had a soccer tournament all weekend in the Layton area. All of us got together and partied all weekend! We shopped, swam, and made Hailey {Ryan's brother Glen's wife} watch Saturday's Warrior for the first time. Wish I would have gotten a picture of her reaction to all of us singing the songs, more like belting them, through-out the movie. She loved it. 
{Wolverine hair at Olive Garden}
{Grandma Nae getting
Birthday kisses}
{Blaire and cousin Ellie}
{The Crew}
Adventure #2

My mom's family is always supporting one another in everything! Graduation is one of those times. My cousin Chelsey graduated about a month ago from BYU and will be an amazing history teacher. Chandler graduated from PG high school and will play hockey somewhere, lots of offers for his amazing talent, watch out NHL! Happy for you both! Can't wait to see what you do next! 

Adventure #3
{June 12th}

My birthday! I had a great time! Sadly Ryan was still working like crazy but he took me out to Olive Garden for lunch. Delicious of course. Then I met up with my aunt Stacy! Her birthday is June 12th too! This was the first time we have ever been able to celebrate together. She gave me a sugar cookie from Swigs. Seriously the best. Then we went shopping! And later we had to see a movie of course, Fault in Our Stars. Really good and made us have sad tears but not because our birthday was bad. That movie screams cry when you watch me. Then I went home and waited for the hubs! Just a good relaxing day and I got to spend it with one of my favorite people! She truly is a great example to me. She always has a positive attitude, a strong testimony, and overcomes her battles with great courage. I am very lucky to know her and am glad we get to share this day together! 
Love you Stacy! 

{Didn't get any pics of us together, but it was on a Thursday so here is some #tbt photos to celebrate!}
{Stacy and Mi Madre}
{My first bday!}

Adventure #4
{Father's Day}

That Friday after my birthday I got to party with the Adams family at their Relay for Life in Blackfoot. Their father/uncle/grandpa/etc. Dave passed away from cancer a couple years back and they always support the event in honor of him. They go all out and never disappoint! This years theme was about superhero's, hence the capes, and the camo for Dave serving his country! I am always glad to be apart of it and thankful they invite me. It always makes me think about my grandpa who lost his long battle to Lupus in his 50's. Thankful for the plan of salvation and that we get to see our loved ones again. Miss you gramps! :) 

The rest of the weekend we partied at Gary and Lori's house for food, fun, and games of course! It was a relaxing and nice to be with family. I didn't get to party with my dad though :( but I love the time when we get to talk and catch up on things. I will always be a daddy's girl no matter how far apart we live. I have much to be thankful for because of him, mainly my testimony and faith in the gospel. Thanks for that light dad! Love you! AND of course I missed my Ry! He was in Utah getting ready to leave that next week to Park City for work. Blaire and our future kiddos are lucky to have him as a father. I couldn't be more happy to learn from him and be at his side on our journey that has really just begun. Hooray for Dad's! :)
{Happy Father's Day G$!} 
{Watching Daniel Tiger with
Uncle Wade and Uncle Ty!}
{Going on a walk with my favorite peeps!
Karly loves the camera haha}
{Koy decided to run over my child in the
street to catch a frisbee, bloody mess}
{One of the happiest little
girls I know! WE LOVE IVY MAE}
{That cute niece of ours Ivy Mae we love so much was sick all weekend and the next couple days everyone got her stomach flu. There was possibly some other things we got but weren't sure where they came from, but we all survived!}

Adventure #5

Since Ryan was gone all week I stayed in Pocatello/Idaho Falls. I was able to stay with my mom and party with her for a couple days. For my birthday dinner we went to Butterburs, seriously delicious. I also got to see some friends for sushi. No I do not eat that nasty stuff but it is fun to see what everyone gets. I just get veggies haha. I mean, fish eggs, that's just gross. Kelsey and Wes were brave enough to let them swim around in their mouth. Yuck. 

I headed up to Idaho Falls on Wednesday to stay with Ryan's mom. Danielle and Ellie were able to come too! We got pedicures and it was worth it. The nail techs are hilarious, don't know what they are saying half the time but they mean well haha. 
{Even Ellie got one!}
{The massage is the best part!}

The next day, Thursday, we went up to Rexburg to see Katee! I was excited to go despite being very stressed that morning for some reason. Hate that when being pregnant. I was just overwhelmed all of a sudden and felt like I couldn't do anything right. The family was nice and accepting of my craziness and helped me as much as I would let them. Thank you for your patience! haha Anyways, I tried to visit all the people I worked for when we got to the burg but no one was in their office. Sad day! Danielle hadn't seen all the changes on campus as of recent so it was neat to see what she thought as a first time perspective. It was fun to go back up there though and think of all the good things that came out of BYU-Idaho. I do miss it :)
{Picking up Katee after her test!}
Danielle and Ellie had to head back home but Renae, the babe, and I met up with Karly and Wade at Mckenzie River Pizza! Too bad afterwards Renae locked the keys in the car haha it was actually hilarious. Karly finished taking some pictures outside and the rest of us had just been walking around outside waiting for her to be done. Then Renae realized the keys were not in her pocket. Thankfully the window was slightly rolled down. Wade was trying a bunch of things and I finally went in the restaurant to ask for a wire hanger. They had one oddly, and finally we got the doors unlocked and made it home. 

Oh, don't worry, I returned the hanger.

Friday came and Renae got the sickness from everyone that weekend before. It was pretty bad. Since Glen, Hailey, and Ryan were coming later that day I had to get dinner ready and do some other things for Renae. Everyone got to the house safe and sound though and dinner was delicious! It was Hailey's birthday too! Didn't do much but just chilled around the house that night. 

Saturday was the adventurous day! That morning Karly and our friend Nicole ran their first half marathon. They wanted to beat their time of 2 hours and 30 minutes and did it in 2 hours and 20 minutes? or 21 minutes. Katee made some fun signs too! 
Anyways, all that matters is they reached their goal! 
It was fun to go cheer them on and celebrate their finish! 
{Almost there guys!}
{Hailey and baby Olive!}
{Hailey, Katee, and her
roomie Janae!}
{Blaire loved the
Chic Fil A Cow}
{Yeah!! She did it! :)}
Later, Glen had an alumni baseball tournament for Hillcrest Highschool. Hailey and I had never seen him play before so it was fun to watch him doing what he loves! Later, we went to Maleficent and that movie theater felt so nice after being in the hot sun all day. I was really impressed! Loved Angelina and the story line, I suggest you go watch it.
{Batter up, AND yes he did hit
a home run in the game!}
{Cuties Glen and Hails!}
All of us left Renae's and wanted to go stay at Gary and Lori's. Glen, Hailey, and Ryan had never seen their house before. We actually stayed in Idaho Falls for a little longer and had dinner at the park with Gary and Lori. We played whiffle ball, well our version of it and then headed to p-town.
{Ryan's sister Karly took some of these pics thanks! haha}
{Katee and Wade ready to play haha}
{My main man! Reunited at last!}
{Love these peeps! Yes, you too Janae!}
{Blaire enjoyed everyone running
around and loved cheering us all on!}
{Lori was knockin' em
out there!}
{Derek and Tash swinging!}

{Love the Leavitts!}
{My other favorite little
person/niece Olive!}
{All of us, minus the Thompsons, Laven and
Brookell! We missed you!}
{Always need to do a silly one :)}
On Sunday, we headed to church, Hailey did our nails {loved}, and we watched USA in the world cup. Usually the only time we will watch soccer on TV haha. 
#IBelievethatwewillwin #USA #Worldcup2014

We finally headed home but what a great week and half Blaire and I got to spend with family. And to have it end with Ryan back safe and sound to us. Also thankful for the love we have from our family. I wouldn't have it any other way, and it keeps growing by the minute! Little boy can you get here soon please? :)

Thanks everyone for letting us be apart of it all and accepting our craziness. Let's do it again soon! 

Much Love,


PS: Baby Update

Everything is measuring perfectly! He is still "due" August 5. Guessing it won't be that day with my record haha but you never know. I am 34 weeks, and either this 6 weeks will go by fast or really slow. We aren't set on any names yet but the list is growing. More details with that soon. He is moving a lot more especially at night. I am getting more tired as the days go by :( I don't like that because it is hard to have energy to play with BQ. By 3 I want to pass out everyday haha. However, I wouldn't change having Blaire's energy to entertain me for anything else. I love having the time we get together before the baby comes. I am sure at times I will miss it. Maybe it is a bittersweet thing, we will see. I love the idea of having another child around though. I want to see what he looks like, his little cry, if he has hair, if he looks like Ryan, if he looks like Blaire, if he will sleep at night haha so much to think about 

AHH! I love it! :) 

Still not craving much except these beautiful things: 

I am so glad Costco is around the corner. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

can't sleep...why not make that list again

I forgot how insomnia takes over your life when pregnant. 
To pass the time thought I would do another "taking stock" 

{still not sure why it is called that}

Anyways, I have only done it once before: THE FIRST ONE
It is fun looking back and seeing what has changed to now in this small late night moment. 

Making: A yummy texas sheet cake I was craving last night.
Cooking: Nothing today, we ate at Red Robin :) 
Reading: Nothing since Allegiant. Need a new read people. 
Watching: Sherlock Holmes (BBC style) & Scandal of course. 
Wanting: Air conditioning...please please? 
Looking: For pregnancy pants/shorts. 
Seriously anything, it isn't as easy as you would think. 
Playing: All day with Blaire! We have had more time together as of late 
and I am kind of obsessed with her. 
Wasting: Veggies lately. We eat more fruit but it is hard to get those fresh veggies in some weeks.
Sewing: A new blanket, car seat cover, etc. for our little guy--
 oh wait haven't started yet. 
Wishing: We didn't have to budget sometimes. 
Enjoying: Blaire growing up and just my little families life. 
It changes so much in a good way :)
Waiting: What our next step is because Ry didn't get into the grad program he wanted to :( 
{More on this topic later} 
Liking: Family time! Lot of fun things are coming up :)
Wondering: If I am doing all I can to be a good mother, wife, friend, etc. 
Loving: The idea of having another sweet newborn in our home. 
Hoping: I can realize my talents/potential at ALL times. 
Easy to get lost in this fast paced world. 
Marveling: At my hubby's hard work! I am a lucky one! :) 
Needing: A chiropractic adjustment haha seriously my ribs need some help.
Smelling: That summer night/breeze. It's pretty amazing. 
Wearing: My favorite gray/white stripped pj's with my target v-neck. 
Following: More like stalking all my friends and their beautiful lives! 
I know lots of great people! :) 
Noticing: That my toenail is growing back. Yeah, it fell off. 
Knowing: The most important things I have in my life are because of my Savior. 
Thinking: Too much. Seriously, my mind goes a mile a minute after midnight.
Feeling: Sweaty, but cooling down a bit haha. 
Bookmarking: Potty training tips, educational things 
I can teach my little Blaire.
Opening: A can of pop....SIKE... hate that stuff. Opening a box of allergy medicine. Just call me sneezy. 
Giggling: At Blaire's dancing. Greatest dance moves I have ever seen.
Feeling: Tired but I can't fall asleep. 

Much Love,

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

april through may...

A lot has happened within two months. I figured snapshots of our life would be easiest to start out with and end with some recent thoughts :)

{Weekend Celebration:} 
{BYU Easter Egg Hunt = Crazy}

{Easter Sunday} 

{uncle grants}

Park Time With a Cute Babe
{Family Favorites:}
{Loves playing with dad} 
{Believe it or not she does sit
down for a quick second break}

{She saw ducks in the water
and wanted to see them but
cried every time they got
close to us. It was quite

Recent Thoughts
{Laa Dee Daa:}

Our home has been somewhat out of place as of late. About a month ago Ry was always gone at the library after working studying for the GMAT until he took the test. Now he is preparing for his work Summit in Park City. He has recently had a higher work load with some changes that have happened in the office. Me and the babe don't get to see him until about bedtime. It is hard but


He has been pushing himself a lot lately. It wasn't the easiest adjustment, almost feels like college again with never seeing each other but with a kid in the mix this time. I have always loved his work ethic. Hours are long but he loves what he does. The most I can do is support him and do my best to make things simple and relaxing at home. The best part is how happy Blaire is when he gets home. The time they get to spend together is so precious and I am thankful that Ryan knows that. All this time he spends doing what he loves in all aspects of his live will be worth it one way or another. Only 3 more weeks of this craziness!


I am also lucky for him to be a father to our 2nd babe! 
Baby boy B is growing and moving around like crazy! It is actually my favorite part of pregnancy. :) I forgot how much I amazed by it. He is sitting fairly lower than Blaire did so I am cramping a lot more this time around.

I am 30/31 weeks, don't really crave anything haha not that exciting. I am still nauseous here and there. Typical. I don't have GD (that test really isn't that bad, tastes like gatorade) but I am very anemic this time around. I notice it too because I am really really tired and my bruises don't go away (I am the biggest klutz every in the world especially as a pregnant gal). I pulled some stomach muscles and my ribs on both sides are out of place constantly. This is one thing I don't like, but comes with the package in my case. 


ribs out of place or not, I am very thankful to have this experience again. Some days are better than others but to be blessed with the ability to carry my own children is something I don't take for granted. It could all be over any second too, every moment counts! :) 

{And no we do not have a name yet. And no, we are not naming him Braun after Lebron James. Regardless of what my adorable husband thinks. So far we agree on Brooks but don't really want to do a theme thing like 'B' names for our kiddos. Who knows, it changes everyday with what we like. Technically we have nothing as of now.} 

Anyways, in the next couple weeks I will be visiting family and having little adventures here and there. I will have more to write about. Stay tuned friends! 

Much Love,


{ps: Ryan and I are obsessed with Scandal. What the addicting}