Tuesday, September 16, 2014

another little b...

I have finally got a chance to tell you all another birth story! I can't believe I am a mother of two. I always wanted children but it is completely different imagining having them and actually having them. If that makes sense.

Mainly, with Blaire everything seemed more overwhelming through the entire pregnancy but in a good way. All the memories came back when I read my post about it (if you wish you can read it again here). This time around I was had the mind set of "it's all good, I got this" which actually surprised me since I had another child to watch. She kept me busy which I think helped a lot, distracted me from being sick and worrying all the time. 

I also love how every "birth story" or whatever you want to call it is different. It was much easier, when I say easier it is pretty much an understatement compared to last time. 

I was also curious about having a baby in a new hospital, town, etc. It was nice that we got to compare from one place to another. (We loved it much better than Madison Memorial, not that it was bad or anything, just felt more comfortable here). I was really nervous at what to expect at the time of delivery and having new doctors, etc. We decided to go to Intermountain, well the big reason was because insurance, but we had heard good things about our location. Sure enough the whole process was great, I had nothing to worry about! My OBGYN was the best (even though she couldn't be there at the birth), but everything just went really smooth. OKAY ENOUGH SIDE NOTES!

Once upon a time...

Ryan, Blaire, and I were in American Fork visiting my cousin and her new baby Trey. He was born early and was in the NICU for a bit. He was so small but so precious.

(Mind you, he was born a month early and was supposed to be due after Brooks. 
Ya, that didn't happen haha).

Anyways, we came back home around 9:00ish that night and I felt some contractions. They were about an hour or so apart. By midnight they were about 10 minutes apart and very consistent. I was surprised at how much faster they were coming and I started getting way nervous. Even though I had Blaire already, I kept thinking he has to come out, hope everything goes okay, etc. Of course they hurt because by 3:30am they were every 5 minutes. 

I wanted to wait until 2-3 minutes because we live, no joke, about 1 minute from Intermountain. 


I should tell you that Brooks was 9 days late, which I assumed anyways because that is how Blaire was too. With her I waited 2-3 minutes and drove from our house to Rexburg and my water broke after I got checked in and everything. So I figured 2-3 was a good time. 


I was supposed to go to Intermountain 6:15am to be induced so I figured if I could wait it would be best. I tried baths and anything I could think of to help calm those contractions but nothing was working. By 4:15am I couldn't handle it and they were 2 minutes apart. I am some what of a wimp haha and can't tolerate pain very well and I knew I had to go then. We had everything ready and left, I got checked in at the desk and then Ryan actually went back home to go sleep some more because I figured I wouldn't have him until like 10am or something. (I don't know what I was thinking). He left before the nurses, etc. came back into my room.

We still had Blaire and thankfully my AMAZING aunt Stacy was willing to watch her for us which we arranged awhile ago. We had been texting her randomly all night about my status so we weren't stressed about anything really. 

It wasn't until after Ryan left for about 15 minutes, they finally checked me and told me I was at a 6 and that if they try and check me again my water will break and the baby will come right out. I started to panic. They said if I wanted an epidural that I would need it now.

I obviously had my epidural at this point. 
The anesthesiologist was hilarious, and made me feel very comfortable haha. Him and the nurses kept wondering when Ryan was going to come because they said I was progressing way fast! And the next thing I know, I can't keep my eyes open and my body felt very strange. I had a reaction to the epidural and passed out. I could hear them all around me trying to talk to me but I couldn't move or do anything. My blood pressure dropped really fast and the baby went into shock a little bit. They did whatever they do best and I gave me what I needed to stay regulated. I was so upset too because I didn't want to throw up and what they gave me made me do that. They later told me that they knew something was wrong when I stopped talking haha. Typical me, never shutting up. 

By this time it was around 5:15am and Ryan still wasn't answering. I was at a 9 and still panicking because they said my baby was coming even though my water hadn't broke yet. My aunt finally answered the phone and apparently he had received my texts and such and was meeting her at Thanksgiving point to drop Blaire off. We should of just had her come to our house but we were all sorts of tired, and she was jet lagged from vacationing in Hawaii. We were all a little off our communication skills haha. It was funny because she started yelling at Ryan to hurry and come because of the situation and he was 10-15 minutes away. I just told him to hurry and that everyone was waiting as much as they could. 

He finally made it! :) It was such a relief to see his face and comforting. I didn't want him to miss anything and just wanted him with me. He is seriously the greatest support! 

They broke my water and nothing happened. The babe didn't move for another hour and half and I was at a 9 until about 7:45am. So during that time I tried to sleep but I had a headache from being so tired and was already anxious even though I hadn't slept yet. I was feeling some pressure to which helped and I knew he was coming soon! 

My epidural actually started wearing off on one side, so the next time the nurse came in she moved my heavy legs for me and checked me and said I could try pushing since the doctor was on her way. Ahh! I just kept smiling and was excited it was all happening so fast! (compared to last time which was like all day/night and 2 hours or so of pushing). 

So, I pushed and she told me to stop! His head was just barley coming out. I was like AHH! I can't stop! There was just a lot of pressure I had to push but I had to wait 10 more minutes before the doc came. I did mention above it wasn't my regular doctor, but she was also very nice! Very positive,  hilarious, and welcoming haha it was great.

I was being very patient but glad she came when she did because I only needed to push twice and our little boy came! :) They hurry and put him on my chest, cleaned him off, oh it was one of the sweetest moments! And Ryan didn't miss it! :) 

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Brooks Ryan Bennion
8 pounds 6 ounces 20 inches long! 
First pic of little Ryben!

He looks so swollen in these pics! And he actually had the embillical cord wrapped around his face. There is a huge bruise on his nose/eye, he had it for about 2 weeks.
Ry and Brooks! Ryan doesn't think he looks like him
but everyone else does. He says he can't tell. Silly daddy.
We have always liked the name Brooks even before Ryan and I met really. And we felt good about it! :) He looks like a Brooks to us so haha it worked! Ryan's family has a tradition with the first born son taking hid fathers first name as a middle name which is why we have the Ryan. :) And Brooks is the first grandson for all our families! The Bennion name lives on!

Anyways, it is just a joy of overwhelming love to have moments like these. Especially having Ryan there. Brooks was so perfect, his little cries were the cutest too! :) 

It was as if nothing else mattered and we knew everything we had done in our lives was right because we had our little boy. And that we had done it before with Blaire made it that much sweeter. 

The rest of the stay was seriously amazing. I got to have my Lorne Doone crackers. I don't know why but they are my favorite and I could have as many as I wanted! :) We had so many visitors and we loved it. My family came from Washington for a couple days which they didn't get to do with Blaire.
Ryan loved the hospital socks, he had to document.
Had to capture this amazingness.
Stacy brought Blaire to us that night and oh was she so excited. It was such a sweet moment. She came up on the bed and just kept saying baby! With a big smile on her face. I cry every time I think about it even though I didn't cry when it happened haha. I just love my kids! :) 

First family photo! :) 
Ryan was able to take Blaire and just sleep at home since it was 1 minute away and I was completely fine by myself. We both were so tired and needed some sleep. My family wanted to take Blaire since they hardly get to see her so they took her for the day. She had a blast! They went and played in Salt Lake while we had more visitors and just relaxed at the hospital. 

My dad and Blaire :) 
Grammy Pammy and BQ! :) 
Our last night I won't forget because I actually was lucky enough and had a friend from back home as my night nurse! :) Rian (Funk) Deleo one of the best surprises ever! :) It was nice having someone I knew there, made me more relaxed to go home the next morning. I didn't have to stay the whole 48 hours but I guess but it was nice with all our visitors and very worth it having Rian there that last night. She is a great nurse and everyone should be lucky and thankful to have her! She was as great help to me more than she knows! 

We just wanted to say how thankful we are for all the family and friends that were able to come by at the hospital and after we came home. We felt so loved and glad you shared that love with us for little Brooks with support, hugs, and kisses, and gifts, and everything! 
Grandma Nae (Ry's mom) :)
My dad with Brooks :) 
My family, who lives in Washington, with the babe :) 
Grammy Pammy loves her Brooks :)
My sister Chloe :)
The AMAZING aunt Stacy and Chels! :) 
Cousin Ellie and Brooks! 
Ryans sister Karly :)
Karly's husband Wade :) 
Ryan's dad, Gary :) 
MaMaa Lori! :) 
Cousin Ivy! (Karly and Wades litte babe) 
My mom and her BF Mike came to see the babe
and make us a yummy dinner! :)  
Aunt Katee and Uncle Mike! :) 
My mom came back and stayed with me for
a couple of days to help out. Here she is with
the handsome lil' guy. 
My close friends Kenzie and Jessie came to visit us! :) With their
beyond adorable kiddos. 
My grandparents wanted to come see my cousin Hilary's new
baby Trey and Brooks! 
Thank you all again! Brooks is very blessed to have you all in his life! :)

Our kids seriously are the most precious things in this life. Heavenly Father is so gracious in letting us have such a great responsibility and I am so thankful to have the gift to do so. Recently, Ryan and I have heard so many stories of heartache with the loss of a friend, tragic accidents, and sweet little babes with illnesses, etc. We have much to be grateful for. Our life is truly a happy one and to know amongst heartache we have the plan of happiness to hold onto is a needed hope Ryan and I always cherish. Hope that there is a Christ and that He lives today is a great motivation to always want to follow Him no matter what we have to face each morning. We don't know how so many overcome what they do but what great examples they are to us. Thank you for your testimonies and strength in Christ, it doesn't go unnoticed. 

We are so thankful for you Brooks! There is so much love for you here! We can't wait to see what you do in this world. WE LOVE YOU! :)