Wednesday, October 15, 2014

what time is it?...

I have figured out that my time has been challenged lately haha.

I have two children now, mind you one is a little busy compared to most, but they are doing great on their own schedules. Blaire has always been good with a schedule, but now with potty training in the mix these past two days we have had to adjust a little. 

Anyways, with being at home, running errands, having fun play dates, making dinner, (the list goes on as most people know), I blink my eyes and oh freak it is already 10pm. 

Honestly, I LOVE IT. 

I have always been a busy body myself, hmm wonder where Blaire gets it. (Okay, she is still the craziest and people who know her would agree with me). About a year ago I would feel so lazy all the time being with Blaire, just sitting around or cleaning the house. 
Overtime, I realize that my time has been dedicated to being a mother instead of my 2 jobs, homework, my husband alone, and other things. I am thankful to be able to have my time shared with Ryan and our two littles. Some don't get the privilege of family, marriage, or bearing children. Our given time and what we choose to do with it is precious and it varies from person to person. What a great blessing that is to have choice, find what our talents and gifts are, use them to our best abilities. 

On that note, we have been up to a lot of fun things these past couple of weeks...


He had a work party at Wheeler Farm. It was great! However it was pouring rain the whole time. And of course BQ wanted to still play in the water. Her and I got soaked for about 2.5 hours. I was very tired and exhausted haha but it was fun. Ryan couldn't run around with her and switch me every so often because he sprained his ankle playing softball! It was a really bad sprain and he had to wear a boot :( but he is doing a lot better. He also took Blaire on their first daddy daughter date. He took her tailgating and to the BYU game. Adorable! They had such a fun day. Thankful he wants to do those things, I love him more all over again.
The hubs also started school! :) Hooray! He is gone all day on Tuesdays and his time is devoted to homework on Saturdays mostly and then when he gets home from work. I do still get to see him though, not as often as I would like but I can't complain :). IT WILL BE WORTH IT FOR MANY REASON! I will say it again and again, but I am very proud of him. He has wanted more education for sometime now and it has finally arrived. He has great personal goals and I fully support him. I can't wait to see where his MBA takes him. I love my marketing man! :) 


He had his first BYU game! Ryan loved taking him, but daddy was heartbroken! His mancrush, Taysom Hill got injured as well as a bunch of other players. We were playing USU and lost. Bad day. We got a Cougar Tail and life was good. (For me at least haha). We didn't bring Blaire since it was a late game at 8:15. My friend Jessica was willing to watch her. Very appreciated! :) 

Brooks is two months now and staying a string bean! He can still fit in newborn clothes but I have started dressing him in 0-3 months. Development wise, he has started talking a lot more, smiling more than ever, and has a cute lil giggle. Sleeping, not through the night yet. It's a bummer haha but hopefully he will be like his sister soon. (She was and still is the best sleeper, always wakes up around 8ish even when going to bed around 9 :)
(He hates baths :( I try so hard, but if I keep
him clothed for a bit then slowly move the
clothes off, he does okay. haha)
We were able to bless Brooks this last Sunday. Seriously an amazing day. I will post about that in a couple days when I get the pics! 


This little spit fire has a mind of her own. She started the terrible twos a couple months ago but her attitude has changed more; good and bad.  She just runs away from us thinking it's hilarious, which it is. But she is still jealous of the babe. It isn't as bad as it was. She will just want something all of sudden when I am feeding him or holding him. She will continue to cry until I put him down and see what she wants.


Blaire will officially be a "terrible two" at the end of October, 2 years goes quickly!

As for big changes for her, she is now in a big girl bed. LOVES IT. She does destroy her room every morning/night but she has gotten better. However, last night Ryan went to check on her and she was sitting in the 2nd top drawer in her dresser. We honestly have no idea how she does the things she does. A new surprise happens everyday with her haha. 

Her potty training has started officially yesterday. It is going a lot easier than I thought. We have a chart and stickers for her when she completes a task (washing hands, flushing, pulling pants up and down, etc.). I have to sit in the hallway and keep an eye on her or else she will escape and go pee in the living room. Her second day was better and she was more excited about peeing in the toilet. The first day she didn't really like it. What kid does though. Potty training is no joke though. So hopefully in a week we will have progressed a lot. It really amazes me how quickly Blaire can learn things. I for sure underestimate the mind of a 2 year old haha.

{In Other News}

Ryan's little, little sister Katee got married! :) She married a great guy Mike! It was great too because all of Ryan's siblings were able to be there which won't happen often anymore. We all (minus Koy) were able to go through the temple with Katee and see them sealed. It was a fun weekend to be together and I am glad we all got to be apart of their special day. LOVE YOU GUYS! :)

This was kind of a catch-up post but I am now able to make time to write more often than I have which is nice. I don't know who all reads these haha but if you do thanks for being patient and I hope you will like hearing from me more often! :)

Much Love,

PS: Conference was amazing. I could devote a billion posts to how much I learned. If you missed it you can find all the talks here. I have been trying to build a better relationship with Christ which was one of my "questions" or things to look for during all the talks. Well, I better have learned something because everything was about the Savior! It was amazing. My eyes were opened and I do know that He loves me :) If you have a chance, listen to Elder Hollands talk :) It was a favorite of mine.

PSS: I am jealous of all those able to go to "Meet the Mormons" already. Ryan and I have yet to see it! :) I love hearing about it and if you want a chance to learn more about those of our faith (as I have heard it isn't about our doctrine but the lifestyle we choose to follow) go watch it! It is a great way to see how we devote our lives to becoming followers of Christ. 

I do know that my Savior lives, He loves us despite all our faults. Thankfully, he carries our faults and I know he died for me, atoned for me that I may live again. He is my light, and I am thankful that I have the little family I do. The plan of happiness has a greater meaning to me. To know I will be with them forever is a great hope, and it is all because of Christ. He is the Christ and I can't deny that. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.