Thursday, October 10, 2013

from uno to seis...


I have talked about Ryan living in Utah and it has been about 3-4 weeks now. I don't cry as much, seriously that is an accomplishment. (queue the violins -- am i right?)

I finally was reunited with the cute hubby of mine during conference weekend, and here are the pictures to prove it (we were also with Ryan's dad his family!:) 

(the birthday girl, oh brek)
(Girls at Sams, and many other places, while the boys went to Priesthood) 
(Quentin L. Cook totally looks like Ryan's stepdad Kent)
(Love Glenners and Hails!)
(My whole world :)) 


It was my madre's bday. She seriously is amazing at what she does. She is 50 and living it up! I admire her courage and always looking to have an adventure. She definitely is the life of the party and looks good while doing it! :) Her friend called me and asked if I could help her decorate my mother's house. I thought it would be an awesome idea since I was jealous of my mom being in Denver with her cutie boyfriend at the Bronco game. We did a theme of "50" with items around her house. Did the best we could with what we had! Turned out cute...

(I put the reasons all over the house)

(My mom and Waldo before the Lotoja--Happy Birthday!) 


Remember when I went to the fair with some pretty sweet peeps? 
(these things were crazy weird-fun but 10 minutes is long enough)


Girls weekend is a blast. These lovely ladies are kind enough to invite me each year! It is family thing but hey why not invite a couple more? We usually go out, have crazy adventures, and do a craft of course. Always ends up being Halloween/Christmas themed but hey who doesn't love the holidays. This year we went to Bear Lake, didn't know how gorgeous it was this time of year. These woman are some of my greatest examples! They are so kind, generous, and loving. Love you guys! Thanks for all you do. 

(Jessica...and her many...adventures...haha there was more)


Baby Ivy Mae Leavitt was born! Ryan's sister Karly and her hubby Wade had a baby. She is so cute and cuddly! You can read all about that cute lil' peanut here: Ivy Mae


Just some more random photos from the past couple weeks... 


muchos amore,