Wednesday, July 17, 2013

oh boy...

Lets just say I have been absent for quite some time. This is due to a lot of forgetting and procrastination.  (I still haven't showered yet today--everything has caught up with me and its only wednesday)

Since my last post a lot of things have happened. Family outings, baby showers, the 4rth of july, my child walking at 8 months (seriously she keeps us on our feet), running a 5k with my whole family, and more fun adventures. It would take days for me to write it all down. However I do have it in my journal which is nice haha---well some of them, maybe not? Enjoy the pictures below of my life in the last couple months. 

There is one thing however that i do will talk about which is opening my Etsy shop. 

To describe it in three words it would be:




I have learned a lot about my time and how to spend it. Especially with designing new things and then still being a stay at home mom. At first it was hard because I always wanted to work on new things but still my baby needed me. Being a mother has always come first for me I just had to learn how to balance things. 

Opening this shop has taught me a lot of patience as well. I always had the thought people would automatically start buying things within a couple days. haha not the case. It takes time to get noticed and to get the word out there. AND feeling completely vulnerable at times. Sounds strange I know but being willing to accept that your work isn't the best at times and that it does take TIME to meet your expectations is hard.

How does this process even work?
1. Create something
2. Share it
3. Wait to see who even looks or "admires" as Etsy would call it my item
4. Wait some more to see if your product gets purchased
(this doesn't happen in a day, or week...3 and 4 take some time haha)

I don't think I am a master artist by any means but I do like to create things and its honestly fun to share it. I mostly just do digital prints, haha its just easier that way not dealing with shipping, etc. Some may like what I do and some may not. It takes time to realize that for some odd reason even though IT SOUNDS SO SIMPLE. But its not. 

All in all this experience is...
EXCITING because its fun! I really enjoy what I am doing and only hope to progress.
ANXIOUS because I feel like I am constantly checking my shop to see if anyone looks at my items or favorites them. 
PERFECT because I am learning a lot about myself. 

I want to start doing other things besides digital prints. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sew and would love to make things for people haha I just don't know what people need and want, what they would pay for, and something different I guess. SO SUGGESTIONS would be great. 

I have so many people to thank especially family and friends who have always told me to just be happy. I love being a stay at home mom and wouldn't change that. Of course I want to go back to school to be a PA but only time will tell. 

DON'T forget to do what you love and know why you are doing it. I think that last part is the most important. the WHY can make all the difference. It is hard putting yourself out there but whats the worst people can 

much love



My summer bucket list is continually progressing. Most of it is happening (going to the park, walks with the hubs and babe, etc) But a lot I have to wait until August, babies being born, road trips, etc. More on that later! 

Also my songs in ABC's list is still something to enjoy so here it is...

List #2
First Song That Came to Mind  

A: Age Six Racer
(Dashboard Confessional)

B: Brighter than Sunshine

C: Clocks

D: Don't Stop Believing 


F: Friday I'm In Love
(The Cure)

G: Guilty Pleasure
(Cobra Starship)

H: Here in Your Arms

I: Into Your Arms
(The Maine)



L: Lets Go to the Park
(John Legend)

M: Matter of Time


O: Only the Young
(Brandon Flowers)


S: Seventy Times Seven
(Brand New)

T: A Thousand Years
(Christina Perri)


W: Who I am Hates Who I've Benn 
(Relient K)


Y: You're So Last Summer
(Taking Back Sunday)