Thursday, August 7, 2014

it's getting hot in here...

I can't say anything before I give a HUGE thank you to Ryan's dad and stepmom Lori! 
They let us borrow their AC window units and life is much more cool. 
{see what I did there?}

Ryan and I have never lived on a top floor before. Our apartments have always been fairly cool and comfortable. Love life at Murray Place but not so much in the summer! It can get up to 95 degrees in our little humble abode; also my pregnant body no likey. 

Again, thanks to the parentals, it stays in the 70's which is perfect. 


Now on to more summer adventures
{Adventures 1-5 can be found here}: 

Adventure #6
{Hogle Zoo}

Ryan's stepmom Lori and stepsister Brookell were around the area and asked Blaire and I if we wanted to go to the Hogle Zoo. Of course we said yes. Besides the fact Blaire hates loathes DESPISES her stroller, it was great! 

She was adorable. She wouldn't stop jabbering, laughing, pointing, or smiling at everything she saw! We think her favorite was the monkeys and the polar bear because of how much she screamed with excitement. It was very entertaining and perfect. 

It was pretty roasty outside so we had her play in this splash pad place at the zoo. I think we were quite jealous she got to do that haha. 

Lori is so giving and great! Blaire loved being around her and Brookell. We are so thankful for how kind her family has been and welcoming to all of us crazy kids. WE LOVE YOU GUYS! :) 

Adventure #7
{Ryan's Birfday}

In past posts, I have talked about Ryan having an off the wall work schedule. Because of this he took a 4 day break this week. We weren't complaining! :) It just so happened this time fell during his move @ryben3 

His birthday started out with homemade breakfast burritos. HOWEVER, I was bummed because we didn't have any more strawberries for strawberry waffles {Ry's favorite}. Thankfully, he loves Mexican food so it worked out great.  

We then got ready for the day awaiting the time for our one-hour relaxation massage. 
IT WAS HEAVENLY {understatement}. 

We couldn't do them at the same time so Ryan went first and then I got mine. Both of us had never been graced with one before, they will probably be a more regular thing in our life. When Ryan came out he had this "massage drunk" look on his face, haha he was loving life. 

Right after my massage we went to drop off Blaire at my cousin Aaron and Caitlins house. They were very generous to watch Blaire for us because they gave us a one-night stay at a hotel in downtown Salt Lake. I had been watching their kids for sometime and they kept offering to do this for us. We didn't think we deserved it by any means but they kept pushing for us to use it. So thank you Caitlin and Aaron! :) VERY much appreciated. 

By that time we were hungry for dinner and the birthday boy chose none other than SUSHI. We ate at Simply Sushi, which was litereally 10 seconds away from our hotel haha. Worked out perfect. I am personally not a fan of sushi and just order the breaded vegtables everytime. I do however like watching what people get, there are cool names and crazy colored foods haha. Ryan had 4 rolls and loved everybite. Oh, our server's name was Nemo. He was pretty legit. 

After dinner, we took the trax to temple square and walked around. We also found the family history center in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Ryan learned some knew things about the program! It was fun. It also was a goregous and beautiful day. And a perfect day because the time we got to spend talking and reminicising. You don't get that time very often alone when kids come into the picture. They do make life better of course but it is nice to have time together.

It was getting late so we ended the day relaxing at the hotel. We even got the hot tub to ourselves!

I am very thankful for Ryan and all he does for our family, he deserved a good day :) 

Adventure #8
{America's Birfday}

America day started outside our apartment watching the parade. Yeah, we lasted 30 minutes. The child wouldn't sit still for too long and anyways it was almost 90 degrees by 9:30. But hey, we did get some salt water taffy's. 

 I usually go with my mom's family to party all day. So this year we of course we had the fam BBQ, and end the night going to Stadium of Fire. This year Carrie Underwood came. No I am not a fan of country, but she does a good job singing. And I do admit I sang along with the songs that I knew {Jesus Take the Wheel, All-American Girl, and the beloved Before He Cheats!}. 
Oh and she has a rockin bod! 

Before Carrie and the BIG firework show, they have little things here and there for entertainment. They always have the american flag come into the staidum by skydivers! It is pretty neat :) And Studio C came from BYU. It was alright, just more corny than funny with their skits and stuff. People are really obsessed with it though. A little side theme was superheroes so they had Batman, Superman, and some other superhero greats, do a jumping acrobatic trick show. It was fun to watch. The only thing I think we wish we could change was the traffic. It takes a way long time to get out of parking, very annoying haha but you know you have to deal with it. 

It was great to celebrate America's birthday! I love the reminder of the freedoms we do have, the history of it all. Just feels good to have pride on this day. #murica
(everyone loved saying this for some reason haha did u notice? Didn't know we turned to hicks)

Adventure #9
{I Hate Goodbyes}

Ryan's bro Glen got into medical school up in Yakima, Washington! So we had a surprise get together to say goodbye and hang out before they left us for awhile. We spent the day going to lunch, talking, relaxing, just normal stuff. It was harder than I thought to be honest to send them off. I didn't think I would cry, it wasn't because I was preggers either. Just the idea that they are farther away and we won't get to see little Olive and them as much is very bittersweet. Happy for them, but selfishly want them to stay close! :) WE WILL MISS YOU GUYS!!! :) LOVE YOU!

Adventure #10
{July 24th}

Utah loves this holiday and for a good reason! In Idaho I just remember going to a simple field of wards/stakes that had booths and food. In Utah, people get the day off, everyone has parades, its a huge party all over! I went to the Mapleton parade with the babe and my moms family. My uncle built a WWII authentic jeep and he was in the parade. He does all those Saints and Soldiers movies, he loves the war stuff. So it is always fun seeing someone you know in a parade makes it more exciting! Blaire was actually pretty good at this parade, MAINLY because I had my aunt Stacy literally chasing her around the whole afternoon at the park and all the festivities. I don't know how I could have done it without my family. Being pregnant you can't run around as much haha. I was so thankful!! Blaire kept running away from Stacy though saying no over and over again because she of course wanted to venture on her own. Typical but I love that little personality of hers :)

It was a good first official Utah Pioneer Day for me and I loved it! Hot, but fun to be with loved ones.

Adventure #11
{Graduate School}

Well, this adventure has been a challenge. Ryan worked really hard in trying to get in his top choice schools, unfortunately to simply put it he didn't get in after taking part in the whole process even after the interview. It was hard because he did all he could and felt discouraged, defeated, etc. I don't like seeing him like that. HOWEVER, I have never seen him more encouraged to try again. He took a week to think about his next step in achieving this goal and found a solution. He talked with the University of Phoenix and went through their submission process for an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing and he GOT IN! :) No, it isn't the way he thought he would be getting his MBA, but he didn't want to put off another year of time wasted when he could have been in school. 

I totally supported his decision and couldn't be more proud of him. It was a struggle for him at first but he realized that his goals are possible and everything does happen for a reason. 

Faith definitely played a role in this process, as well as prayer and support from many family members. It was a neat perspective because we had that support but the end result didn't rule in our favor. Sometimes it is easy to think "oh we are doing everything it will all work out a this or that way." This experience was a good reminder that the Lord truly is always there for us and knows what is best at the time even though we can't see the whole picture.

 It is a great comfort to know that we have the Savior to lean on if we allow ourselves to do so, why wouldn't we want to have that type of perspective in our life. FAITH is very very key in this life. And I have learned that more being married to Ryan and the experiences we have shared. 

SO...September 30th is the first day of school for the hubs. :) He will take one class for 6 weeks, and move on to the next for a year and a half and then finish out that second year working on his emphasis. He will work full-time while going, but work is very lenient and support him going to school 100%. I am thankful that I will be able to still stay home with Blaire and the future babe still. Seriously, Ryan is my hero haha as corny as that sounds. No,  life isn't perfect we are poor, we want things we don't need, we need things we can't get, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Love you sweetie! :) 

Thanks for bearing with me with all these words, I can't get my pictures to load so this post may have been a lot to take in! :) If you read the whole thing, thank you. If you didn't, understandable because I don't know if I would have haha.

Until next time!

Much Love,


Baby Update:

August is going to be amazing because a babe is on the way very soon! I am due the 5th which has already passed, haha it is the 7th today. I was expecting this to happen so I was already prepared for it. I haven't had contractions, or other signs he is coming. Besides the fact I have to pee a lot more and kicks me in my crotch constantly. Silly kid. But I am hoping by Sunday I will start progressing more. I haven't these past two weeks. Still at a 2, same effaced percentage. So we will see. Our life will be changing in a great way though I KNOW FOR SURE the 14th of August! That day I will be induced. On the 11th I go in for a stress test to see if the baby is still functioning okay, if not I will be induced that day. The reason for the 14th is because Tuesday and Wednesday is full of women already taking up time to be induced. There is a lot more people in Utah than Rexburg, Idaho. Especially at IHC haha. But SERIOUSLY WE can't wait!!! :) 

As for cravings: mainly ice cream, Neapolitan which is strange haha but I love it maybe too much. Also, re-watching The Office for the 4th or 5th time in my life. Seriously the greatest.
Domestically: went crazy with the nesting. Cleaned out my whole house it feels great haha. And I sewed a car seat cover that I love. I did one for Blaire so I figured I shouldn't use the girly one for the baby boy.
Names: No idea. Sad, but true. You will all know his name right when we do! :)