Thursday, January 31, 2013

the D.I is truly a treasure.

I love making things out of well, things! 

The D.I. is my favorite place to go for just that. It is somewhat of a hobby I guess you could say in my spare time. I decorated my living room, bathroom, and baby Blaires room. 

I usually come up with the ideas myself but of course Pinterest helps sometimes :) 

Anyways I wanted to share what I have done recently and way back when. Please ignore my photo skills, not the best.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

gotta start sometime.

well its 2013 and I am pretty sure I should have started a blog a long time ago
This will be a somewhat short, haha ya right, post about who we are in a nutshell sort of speak

Let's start with the basics:

1. I am happily married to Ryan Gary Bennion of almost but not quite 3 years. May 20, 2010 is when we decided to seal the deal at the Timpanogas temple. Seriously ups and downs and all arounds but I am a very lucky girl to have Ryan. He is my best friend and knows all my deepest darkest secrets (don't really have any because apparently everyone thinks i share them :) )

2. We both graduated this past July from BYU-Idaho. I don't care what people say that school has given us more than we could have imagined! Our testimonies have grown so much and we have learned more about our priorities and whats important in life. 

3. We had a little suprise surprise (you will learn I can't spell the easiest words) come our way. 
Blaire Quinn Bennion was born October 20, 2012. SYKE (psyhce- seriously don't know how to spell that) October 29, 2012 she decided to be 10 days late. HOWEVER, we love her to pieces and glad she got here when she did. I am so thankful for the love and patience she has taught me. I can't imagine how my life was before she got here, have children, they seriously change your life. 

4. FAMILY ours is huge. that is understatement. Both our parents our divorced. My parents divorced when I was about 6 months old. My dad got remarried and divorced and now is remarried again to his current and forever together for eternity wife. :) They have 3 children whom I love! Hard because there is a major age difference so I like it now that they are a little older. 3 siblings now is better than being an only child haha. trust me. Hardly get to see them because they live in Washington but we talk when we can. By the way I am really bad at calling my relatives and talking with them. Probably never will haha.  My mother never remarried but has had boyfriends. MEN SHE IS SINGLE NOW AND A HOTTIE BO TOTTIE. She lives in POKY (ryan likes to call the armpit of Idaho) where i grew up.

5. FAMILY (cont.-see told you it keeps going). Ryan's parents got divorced right before we got married. It was a different experience than mine but that's for another day. He has 5, yes 5 siblings. I have always envied those who had bigger families so he is a lucky guy. Ryans mother didn't get remarried until a year ago this February. He is defineitly defineatly defineately (curse that word. Seriously the only word I can't spell) definitely a great man. They are polar opposites, quite and loud, mother-in-law is the loud one. BUT NO MATTER loud with love is what i call it :) They live in Idaho Falls, around the corner from us. Just laugh haha like I do. Ryan's step father has 3 children, all girls, way nice!!!! We don't really get to see them often. Ryan's dad got remarried to a sweet lady from Utah. She has 3 children, we don't get to see them often either haha. But when we do its a good time. 

(Little confusing, short and sweet maybe but I will get into more details later ) 

6. friends seriously can't describe the influence they have had on me. I have never met more crazy, loving, caring, generous, people who have shaped me who I am today. They have seen me at my worst and my best and never seem to leave me behind. I can always count on them. (THERE ARE MANY THAT AREN"T PICTURED!!! :) SEND ME SOME IF YOU WANT ME TO ADD YOU SILLIES!) 

6. With current news: We live in a townhome in Idaho Falls. Seriously a cute fun place, has 3 bathrooms which the hubby loves haha. BUT we are moving! Reasons being, we want to save more money which is the most important. Being self-reliant is always a goal for us. Also, Ryan works for a great company and has been there for quite sometime. And other opportunities have come our way so stay tuned for that...

7.  My Religion BEST for last. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and love this gospel. I have a testimony that my Savior lives and changes me everyday. The Book of Mormon is a true word of God and keeps me close to the spirit as I read daily. Joseph Smith did restore this gospel by his action of faith and I admire that. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today and all he declares is of truth. I am thankful for so many temples around us, they give families a chance to be together forever. Living up to the standards of the gospel is a lifestyle that I love and want to keep the rest of my life. Being a peculiar person keeps me happy. I have so many blessings in my life. My family keeps growing, even though we aren't perfect, we have met more people to love and have in our life. My friends have been my foundation and I am lucky to have not chosen differently. They have put a happiness in my life I won't ever forget. My testimony is constantly growing and I hope that I exemplify that and share that with you always, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Much Love,